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Friday Favorites

Hello! Is this thing still on??? I have barely blogged since June so that I could really focus on being with my sons while they were out of school for them summer but they are back to school so now it’s time for me to get back to work too. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

A New Season

The younger of my 2 sons, my baby started kindergarten last week. All sorts of emotions over here. Actually, lots of emotions flying around in our house this week. I’m excited to see him soaring and doing well but it makes me miss my little baby.

first day of kinder sign

Cleaning All the Things

I’ve been using a lot of my time while the boys are in school to work on getting our home back in order after a busy summer. I’m purging and reorganizing and touching up paint and getting all the things done and it feels good.

Clothing Shopping

My husband and I are going on a cruise soon and I am scrambling to get a couple of clothing items before we leave. Unfortunately I think I’ve kind of missed my window as most stores are moving on from summer clothes to fall clothes and well I don’t need sweaters and leggings in the Caribbean. Everything in this picture from Old Navy was a bust. The picture of me in the striped jumpsuit on the left made my 8 year old laugh hysterically. I’d share that pic with you but I have a little too much pride. I’m hoping to get back out there and try again this week.


Fabric Shopping

With the kids getting back to school I am getting back to work and I enjoyed getting a little fabric shopping this week. I didn’t buy anything but I did get some inspiration and I’m making plans. How cute is the lemon print? I loved that one with the striped yellow and the Mickey Mouse ones below.

mickey fabric

Morning Checklist

So this isn’t really my favorite but it’s been a favorite of many people on facebook so I’ll share it again in case you haven’t seen it… Back to school is hard so I made a morning checklist to help kids get ready more independently in the morning.

morning checklist

How are you doing this week?

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