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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are coming off a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and many of my favorites are from this weekend! Here’s what I’m loving this week:

1. Bird Skirt

Guys, I bought my first high-waisted A-line skirt. I wasn’t sure I could pull this look off but I really liked it when I wore it Sunday! I went a little crazy and picked the bird print but there are a ton of prints to choose from. It was a bit of a pain to iron so if ironing isn’t for you then neither is this skirt. In terms of size I’d say it’s true to size and for length reference I’m 5’9″.

bird skirt
bird skirt close up

2. Basketball Hoop

We got a hoop on Saturday! This is the hoop we got. So far we are very pleased and my boys are begging to play all the time. It took my husband about 5 hours to put together and for some steps you need 2 people so I assisted with those parts. Well worth all the fun my boys are having.


3. Mother’s Day

We had a super busy Saturday this past weekend and so I requested a relaxing Mother’s Day. We went to church, lunch, and then took the kids to a play center/bouce house. We were one of only 2 families there! I guess most people don’t really think of that as a Mother’s Day activity but I picked it because my kids got to have a blast and I got to relax on a bench while watching them (other than when I played them in the basketball game). I’m thankful for my boys and I loved my Mother’s Day!

4. Stepping Stones

At the play center that we visited on Sunday they had an area with a blue floor mat and these cool stepping stones and balance beam pieces. My 8 year old loved making different paths and played with these for such a long time! I thought they were really cool and would be a great addition to a playroom or classroom.

stepping stones

5. Veggie Talk

This week I blogged about how I get my kids to eat more vegetables and if you’ve got picky eaters you might want to check it out. Some of the strategies you probably have heard before but you never know.

more veggies

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