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Friday Favorites

Cue the confetti it’s Friday!  It’s been a week with very little sleep.  I have been woken up by thunder, one kid having a bad dream, having a bad dream myself, my neighbor’s rooster (I wish I were joking), and a myriad of other things.  I have not slept through the night all week long and so I am hoping that the weekend will bring the opportunity to get some shut-eye because I need it.

But let’s focus on the positives, shall we?  Here’s what I’m loving this week:

[one] Cleveland Happiness

I live in Northeast Ohio, not too far out of Cleveland.  If you follow the NBA at all then you’ll know that the Cleveland Cavaliers just won the championship game this past weekend and everyone around town is extremely happy.  I’m not that emotionally invested in basketball (insert joke about me not being “all in” here) but it is nice to see everyone happy.

[two] New Printables!

We have been working hard on proper letter formation lately and I made some name tracing printables for my son.  I shared yesterday how you can get one for your kid too.

big super hero name tracing smaller[three] Super Hero Fabric

Speaking of super heros… My younger son has been envious of his big brother’s Batman blanket for some time and has requested his own super hero blanket for his 3rd birthday which is pretty soon.  So I ordered this super hero fabric because it has most of his favorites on it.  I’ll share more details once I make the blanket but I’m pretty excited because I think he’s going to love it.
super hero fabric[four] Havaianas

So my beloved Havaianas that I’ve had for 11 years broke this past weekend.  They are amazing and the rubber soles are the best so I want to replace them.  The problem is, I started looking and there are about half a dozen pairs that I like.  Now I have to figure out if I want these, these, these, these, or these.  It also stings a little that I bought my last pair in Brazil and they are much cheaper there.

[five] Gilmore Girls News

SPOILER ALERT!  Stop reading now!  Shield your eyes if you don’t want to know! (And please call me and teach me all your ways of discipline because I want to know EVERYTHING NOW)

So I’m a bit of a Gilmore Girls nut and I read this week that Dean will not be the guy Rory ends up with… and I am so happy!  The odds of Team Logan winning now are very good and that makes me very happy.  Sorry Team Dean!  What do you think?  Were you rooting for Dean?

Have a great weekend!

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Sheridan R Johnson

Sunday 26th of June 2016

I hope you got some shut-eye finally this week, and I LOVE the printables you created! Such a great idea! Please head on over to my blog at and check out my 5 things on Friday as well!


Sunday 26th of June 2016

Thanks Sheridan!

Beth Newman

Sunday 26th of June 2016

I live under a rock and never heard who won the finals.... thanks for filling me in on that :P. Hope your are having an awesome weekend.


Sunday 26th of June 2016

Ha you do not live under a rock! I would have no idea if it were not such a big deal around here. :)


Friday 24th of June 2016

I'm totally cheering for Rory and Logan!!


Friday 24th of June 2016



Friday 24th of June 2016

The kindergarten teacher in me LOVES that you are working on correct letter-formation! Had to get that "nerdiness" out of me before going on....I LOVE my havaianas. They are the BEST, girl get you a new pair quick! Also, I have never seen the Gilmore Girls but hope to start the series soon, I will have to keep this last part in mind as I get into the show. Have a great weekend!


Friday 24th of June 2016

We are working hard this summer to make sure we are ready for kindergarten this fall. Have a great weekend!

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