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Best Hair Tutorials

I just got my hair cut.  Finally.

my new hair cut

It had been far too long.  I had a bad hair cut last May and I waited a long time to get it cut again.  For those 10 months (yes, 10 months!) I  wore my hair up a lot.  Bored with an everyday pony tail, I taped into the bounty of hair tutorial resources on the web and I want to share my treasured finds with you all.  Some of the tutorials out there look promising, but then you try it, and its just way more complicated than you’re capable of, or totally doesn’t look as good.  And by you, I mean me, really.  I’m a little hair (and beauty) challenged, so if you are like me, then these sources might help.  Even if you’re really good at hair these resources might still be a help, or at least inspire you to spice things up a little.  And I included pictures from each tutorial along with one of me trying each style.

So, my absolute top places for hair tutorials:

1.The Small Things Blog

It’s the mother load.  Really.  Kate is a genius.  And she has videos of the hair tutorials.  Videos.  For a visual gal like me, that is absolutely phenomenal.  I also love that she shares product recommendations as well.  Lately I have been doing the Double Bun a lot.  This time I tried the Messiest of Buns.

the messiest of buns tutorial from the Small Things Blog

my messiest of buns attempt

My Messiest of Buns Attempt

my hair from the side

From the Side

2. The Girl in the Red Shoes

Another great source I found was this tutorial from Julie.  Julie’s blog is not primarily a hair blog by any means, but the girl has great hair and she took the time out to show us all how she curls her hair.  I finally feel like I can curl my hair after years of it just not looking right, thanks to the techniques she shows here.  And the curling helped me hide how ratty my hair was those past few months just as well as an updo but it gave me the option of wearing my heavy hair down.


Julie’s version

hair curl tutorial

My try at curling my hair

3. The Freckled Fox

Emily has a ton of hair tutorials on her site.  I tried the Gibson Tuck.  This is certainly a resource that I will be referencing more frequently in the near future.

the Gibson tuck hair do

my attempt at the Gibson tuck hair do

My Attempt

As you can see, I am no expert at hair, and these ladies all do a much better job, but with their help I have been able to feel a little more polished lately.  Beauty really is skin deep, but I know that personally taking the time to take care of myself and focus a little on my beauty is important as a woman.  Thank you to Kate, Julie, and Emily for passing on your wealth of knowledge and breaking it down for the rest of us!

Do you have any recommendations for hair tutorials that you love?

Mary Martha Mama