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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This past week has been cold I think spring is finally coming next week. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Jesus Bible Journals

I got a box set of The Jesus Bible Journals this past weekend that I am so excited about! I got a set that includes the gospels and a few of the epistles. Each one features the scriptures on one page and space to journal on the right. There’s also some reflection questions and a little bit of commentary information.

Jesus Bible Journal


I also got a new business tool this week. I got a lap desk! I do a lot of my photo editing and writing on the couch in our living room and honestly it was time I got something. So far I like it!

lap desk

Murder, She Wrote

This is my new show to have on in the background when I’m working. Angela Lansbury was an absolute gem. This show was just pure fun and ridiculous in all the best ways. The guest stars have all been such amazing actors and actresses too.

Hallelujah Anyway

I’ve just loved this song so much lately. I think one of my favorite lyrics is the beginning portion:

I’ll find a way to praise You

From the bottom of my broken heart

‘Cause I think I’d rather strike a match, than curse the dark

Yeah I’ll find a way to thank You

Though bitterness is real and hard

‘Cause I’d rather take a chance on hope, than fall apart

I just absolutely love the acknowledgement that some things in life are hard, and this isn’t ignoring the fact that things are hard, it’s an honest conversation with God, an honest prayer or praise and surrender, and choosing hope even in the hardness.

YouTube video

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Mary Martha Mama