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Friday Favorites

Happy snowy Friday! Our life has been a little crazy lately between snow days, holidays, and having a stomach bug run through our family last week. But today we are feeling good and have a sweet snow day at home as a family. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Real Food

After having a stomach virus last week we are finally getting back to eating more normal food and feeling more normal, thankfully! I am still enjoying doing all our veggie and fruit prep as soon as I bring the groceries home as I think it really helps us eat better. These produce storage bins have helped to keep everything fresh.

veggies prepped in a container

Bathroom Progress

We have been working on some updates to our primary bathroom and I’m excited about the progress. We removed a wallpaper border and replaced the faucets. We are currently working on replacing the vanity lights and taping everything to paint the walls.

wallpaper border
wallpaper border removal
bathroom without border
new bathroom faucets

Closet Progress

I have been needing to clean out our closet for ages and finally went through it the other day. I did my side and my husband did his. We got rid of at least half of what was in there.

closet before
closet after

Hogwarts Legacy

The boys got this game for Christmas and have been asking me to play it with them so the other day while they were home from school I played it with them. It’s a lot of fun but definitely takes way more time than I have for games. But I enjoyed playing with them.

Hogwarts Legacy video game

Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing

I recently got to try out the Cricut Joy Xtra and I am so excited to share all about it with you! I’ll be sharing my unboxing video and blog post this coming week so be sure to look out for that coming.

Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing and Setup

Hope you all are staying warm and that you have a great weekend!

Mary Martha Mama