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Friday Favorites

It’s been a week y’all! Can you believe it’s almost February? I’m so excited it’s the weekend. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Snow Day

We got our first snow day this week! We had a lazy day at home and it was lovely.

snow day outside

Mystery Party Games

So you may have known this already but I was it was new to me the other day. I was in Barnes and Noble and we wandered over from the kids section to the games section to browse. First of all, they have a ton of fun games! They also had a bunch of mystery party games. The have whole kits that you can buy that have everything that you would need to host a mystery dinner party at your home. They have such fun themes. I really liked the Host Your Own Murder Mystery at the Theater one! I’m hoping we can have a mystery dinner night at our house soon. Have you tried any of these? I would love to hear if you have any recommendations!

mystery party games shelf
murder mystery games on shelf in barnes and noble


We’ve been studying the book of Acts as a church and we are coming down to the last couple of weeks. It has been such a great book to study as a community together.

acts study journal

Vacation Dreaming and Planning

We have been talking about what we want to do this year for vacations. It has had me thinking about past vacations and all the good memories. I’m looking forward to making new ones this year.

Cinderella Castle Disney World

I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!

Mary Martha Mama