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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Let’s call this Friday Favorites the Life Catch-up Edition as it’s been quite some time since I posted any personal updates. Here’s what’s been going on lately and these are all favorites because they are all good things:

Old Home

We sold our home! This was our first home and we had lived there for nearly 10 years. If you know anything about the housing market right now in many places it is a seller’s market. We put our home on the market in January on a Thursday night, had showings all day Friday and Saturday, then considered offers on Saturday night. We had over 30 showings and 13 offers. It was an insane flurry of activity and we made our decision Sunday morning.

old kitchen


We moved into an apartment for a few months because our home had sold but we had not yet found a new one. There were not a ton of houses on the market and so we had to be patient. Honestly I did not love being in an apartment but I am thankful that we had it for those few months while looking and waiting for our closing once we found a new house. It gave us a lot of flexibility. And you know what? It wasn’t all bad. Having a laundry room mere feet from my bedroom made me much more efficient with doing laundry.

New Home

We found a new home! We absolutely adore the bigger space and feel so blessed that the layout works so well for our family. It’s also on a street full of kids so our boys are thrilled. I love that the laundry is not in the basement and we have good natural light. I even have my own office (which will double as a guest room) and it’s not in the basement! The new office desperately needs painted like most rooms but I’m working on all that and balancing having fun with the boys while they are off of school for the summer.

new kitchen

Road Trip

We just got back from taking a good old fashioned road trip to visit family in Colorado. I’m actually shocked that the driving part of it wasn’t more miserable. Granted, my husband drove the entire thing because he’s nice like that and he knows that I hate to drive but being trapped in the car wasn’t too terrible. I think it helped that we got an early start each morning that we drove and that seems to help. But the driving aside, Colorado was amazing and you could easily spend many vacations there exploring everything.

colorado sign


As good as the trip was I am excited to be home and focused on spending the last few weeks of summer having fun with my sons. We have about a month left before school starts and I just want to soak it all in as much as possible.

I hope you all are having a great Friday and have a fantastic weekend!

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Kate @ Rooted + Free

Monday 26th of July 2021

Summer has just flown by this year, we only have 2 weeks left and I am so bummed that it is coming to an end. Hope you guys enjoy your last month! So glad that you found a new house on a street with lots of kids, we just did the same thing and are so thankful for a street full of kiddos!


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

It really is nice for them to have other kiddos around!


Friday 23rd of July 2021

Congrats on the new home! My husband always drives when we go on vacation too; I offer (when we're not driving through a city) but he always declines and seems to prefer driving.


Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Thank you!

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