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Friday Favorites

We have made it to the weekend! I don’t know about you, but this was a long week and I’m so excited for some rest. Here’s what I’m loving this week:


This may not be the most pretty photo but we are excited to be doing a garden this year. We haven’t done one in a few years because we’ve been busy and traveling a lot in summer but this year we are not. The fun thing to see is how excited our sons are about this. They are much younger the last time we did a garden. This go around they are so into it and I love seeing that.


Last Day of School Signs

Only 4 more weeks to go for us and with everything being weird this year I went ahead and put out my free printable last day of school signs 2020. How many more weeks do your kids have left?

last day of school signs

Banana Pudding

If you’re looking for some comfort food, I’ve got a recipe for you- Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding. I haven’t made this in years but I made some this week and it was just as amazing as I remember.


Art for Kids Hub

My 6 year old son loves to draw and he adores the Art for Kids Hub youtube channel. This has also become a handle tool for his kindergarten journal assignments. He usually has to draw an animal and write sentences about it and these videos really help him out with learning how to draw animals like a raccoon, squirrel, etc.

YouTube video

Marvel Movies

As I explained last week my husband and I are making our way through the Marvel movies in chronological-ish order. Prior to this I had never seen most of these. Here are my current rankings and thoughts of the ones we have seen so far:

  1. The Avengers [I love a good ensemble movie, the camaraderie, the chemistry.]
  2. Captain America [I do hate that he doesn’t end up with Agent Carter but love the underdog story and message about who you are on the inside]
  3. Captain Marvel [amazingly fun 90s soundtrack, fun ensemble… initial plot was a little confusing]
  4. Iron Man [decently fun but I kind of get annoyed with the overdone party boy turned good guy plot]
  5. Iron Man 2 [they replaced Rhodey… I hate when characters get replaced! This one was OK. I liked the piecing together of clues from his dad but it kind of felt like Tony devolved back into the spoiled man-child he was in the first movie and it was annoying to see him like that for most of the movie]
  6. Thor [I thought Tony Stark was obnoxious and then I met Thor. I mean, he eventually humbles himself but initial Thor was way annoying. ]
  7. The Incredible Hulk [This seemed to just drag on and on… It also just seemed to stay at the surface and not really resolve his problem in any significant way?]

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Angela Lloyd

Friday 15th of May 2020

That banana pudding looks delicious!


Friday 15th of May 2020

Thank you! It was!


Friday 24th of April 2020

My boys just finished up schooling this week (we have been homeschooling for 8+ years and this is by far the earliest we've ever finished up!).


Friday 24th of April 2020

Yay! Happy Summer to you and your boys!!!

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