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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This was our first week back to school after spring break and I’m excited for the weekend. Distance learning/homeschooling is going well but it keeps us very busy so I’m excited for a couple of days break. Here’s what I’m loving this week:

My Bread Machine

The champion of this whole stay-at-home time for us has been our bread machine. I love my bread machine at normal times but now it’s working almost non-stop. I’ve made loaves and loaves of bread and dough for cinnamon rolls and pizza. Right now with trying not to go to the store only every 2 weeks having a bread machine is amazing for making fresh baked goods for us.

cinnamon rolls

Marvel Movie Marathon

We decided to spend some of our evenings during this time watching the Marvel movies. I have not seen most of them but it seems like a fun project. To keep things interesting we are attempting to watch them in chronological order (I know, this is debatable) and attempt to rank them as we go along. So far this is where we are:

  1. Captain America [I do hate that he doesn’t end up with Agent Carter but love the underdog story and message about who you are on the inside]
  2. Captain Marvel [amazingly fun 90s soundtrack, fun ensemble… initial plot was a little confusing]
  3. Iron Man [decently fun but I kind of get annoyed with the overdone party boy turned good guy plot]
  4. Iron Man 2 [they replaced Rhodey… I hate when characters get replaced! This one was OK. I liked the piecing together of clues from his dad but it kind of felt like Tony devolved back into the spoiled man-child he was in the first movie and it was annoying to see him like that for most of the movie]

New Earrings

I made some earrings! I love my Cricut and I don’t spend nearly enough time making with it. This week I spent a little time making some leather earrings and shared all about it.

new earrings

Lego Masters

My boys adore Lego bricks and we have enjoyed watching the amazing creations on Lego Masters. We fast forward through some of the talking and antics but we love to see the builds.


In other baking news I’ve been baking up lots of treats for our family. A perennial favorite of the boys is chocolate chip cookies. I use the Nestle Tollhouse recipe but I up the brown sugar by 1/4 cup and reduce the granulated sugar by 1/4 cup.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Sunday 19th of April 2020

Where do you get your recipes for your bread? I finally broke out the bread machine my sister gave me for Christmas and I LOVE it but I have only been using it for white bread. I'd love to get a sour dough started!


Sunday 19th of April 2020

I mostly make the basic white bread recipe that came in my machine manual but my sister gave me a bread machine cookbook and I use that too. I also just google "bread machine _________ recipe" to find whatever else I want. Like with all of this going on I've made the dough for hamburger buns and pizza crust in the machine all from recipes I find online. I just make sure to check that there are a decent amount of good reviews so I know that the recipe will turn out ok.


Friday 17th of April 2020

I have been baking up bread and sweets like nobody's business over here... which could account for the extra 3 lbs on the scale! I too hate when they replace characters on a show or a movie as if we aren't supposed to notice that.


Friday 17th of April 2020

Replacing character in sequels or in a series throws me so much! And yes, I've seen a few more pounds on the scales as well.

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