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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy November! We made it through all the Halloween craziness and while it was so much fun I’m glad things are calming down a bit. Here’s what I’m loving this week.

Fresh New Hair

My hair was getting super long and scraggly so it was time for a chop. I’m so excited to have short hair again. Of course I paused to take a not so well-lit car selfie. I actually always do these to so I can show my stylist exactly what I want in the future. I have a little file in my phone of different cuts that she has done that I can refer back to.

short hair

Fun Fabric Finds

On Wednesday I shared a new type of post I’m trying out- Fun Fabric Finds. I get lots of emails asking where I find the fabrics for my projects and so I have decided to take you all shopping with me. If you like fabrics then be sure to check out my first Fun Fabric Finds post.

fabric store

My Favorite Tree

This tree in our back yard turns the most beautiful shade of yellow each fall. It only lasts for 3 days before the leaves fall down and I look forward to it each year. It just hit it’s peak on Wednesday.



This year I am participating in a Bible Study Fellowship Bible study group and I am loving it! We are studying the book of Acts and I’m learning so much.


Missions Day

Our kiddos’ school has a day dedicated to serving in the community. We are headed out to various mission projects in the community and I am looking forward to serving with the kindergarteners at a local retirement community.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Martha Mama