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Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of August!!!  How is your summer going?  This has been the busiest summer ever for us and I’m thankful that things are going to slow down a little this week.  Here’s what I’m currently loving:

[one] First Day of School Signs

We are headed back to school very soon and so I got my signs made up for our traditional first day of school pictures.  I made up first day of school signs for preschool-12th grade so be sure to head over and print some out if you need them.

first day of preschool sign

[two] Pen Pouches

Speaking of back to school… I made these little zipper pouches recently and I’ve loved using them to carry all my pens in my tote bag for church but they also make a great little pouch for school supplies.zippered pouches

[three] Trader Joe’s Smashing S’mores

I have no picture of these because I scarfed them all down on a road trip last week.  But if you haven’t tried them then please do!  Also, if you are an Aldi shopper look out for these sometimes in the special buy section.  They have a different name at Aldi but they are totally the same thing and totally amazing.

[four] Fruity Waffle Tacos

Also speaking of food… my one son is a bit picky about breakfasts but he adored being able to make up his own little fruity waffle tacos.  Check out my Fruity Waffle Tacos post if you wanna know how I made the waffle taco shells and see what we put in them.fruity waffle tacos

[five] Returning the Favor… in Canton!

So much of the news is negative that I really like to pass on good stories when I see them.  I love this one.  It’s about Officer LaMar Sharpe a police officer in Canton, Ohio who is doing some great things for the community.  I taught at a private school in Canton when I first moved to Ohio years ago and it’s so wonderful to see what he is doing in that community.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’m linking up today with:

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