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Friday Favorites

Happy first Friday of the year!  We are attempting to get back to normal after Christmas break but my kids had a snow day yesterday and one today due to low temperatures.  It’s super duper cold.  I love a good snow day, so I don’t mind.  I’ll snuggle in with my babies any day.  Here’s what I’m loving this week:

[one] Disney World

When do I not love Disney World?  But we were able to go over Christmas break and I loved our trip!  I’ll be sharing a few posts all about it soon but some highlights included tons of family time, loads of swimming (most days it was hot!), great food, and lots of magic.

Cinderella Castle in Christmas lights chip and dale in a sleigh spaceship earth

[two] Tabata

Tabata class started back up this week.  Oh, it was killer but in a good way.  I hope to attend more sessions this go around because last time sickness and travel got in the way.  Here’s to staying healthy so I can settle into a good routine!

[three] Bath Salts

With beginning to diet and work out pretty hard this week I’ve been trying to tap into my favorite non-food treats.  Especially with getting back to tabata this week I’vee been enjoying a nice hot bath at the end of most days.  The bath salts just make it more special.  While down at Disney I bought some bath bombs at Basin and I’m planning to ration them out for the next few months.  The salts are nice but I’m really looking forward to my new bath bombs.

[four] New Headband

Total dork, but I love headbands a little much so I made a new one yesterday.  And then I took some awkward pictures to show what it looks like.  Ugh.

knotted headband tutorial

[five] If the House Burns Down Tonight

The beginning of the year always brings a lot of reflection for me.  I know, typical.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve been listening to this song a lot.  This live version is amazing.

YouTube video

Have a great weekend and stay warm y’all!

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