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Five on Friday

Happy Friday y’all!  Today I’m linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday again. Don’t forget to check out a. liz adventures, carolinacharm, hello! happiness, the good life blog, and all the other lovely bloggers linking up.

1. Health

Well, we are all sick.  It started with my son coughing on Saturday night and the cough has spread to the entire family.  When A’s cough just didn’t get any better and his fever wouldn’t go away we knew something was up so we took him in to the doctor and found out he has bronchitis and potentially ear infections.  So we started some antibiotics Wednesday night and while last night was another rough night, he actually came downstairs Thursday morning and played with his trains.  The few days prior he mostly laid on the couch watching tv or reading, so this shows me more than anything that he is feeling better.  Hopefully he just continues to get better and better.  Last night he only woke up 5 times, which is actually a big improvement over the past few.  Tonight I am hoping he doesn’t wake up more than twice.  We could all use a good night’s sleep around here.

snuggling my son

2. i heart organizing

I am typically late to the party and I am sure this is no exception, but just this week I discovered iheartorganizing.  I am totally type A and love pretty organization so I am spending loads of time oogling all the goodness on this site.

3. Piggy Bank

silver piggy bank
My mom bought A a silver bear bank when he was little and she carried on the tradition this week by sending us a Reed & Barton Piggy Bank. It is gorgeous and I love that each boy has something very special from her.  Don’t get me wrong, she showers them with gifts all the time, but these are the things that will be my boys heirlooms and that’s just such a special thought to me.

4. New Books for A

A family friend gave some new books to A and we are so thankful for her thoughtfulness!  A loves books and as a book-lover myself, I am so happy that he does.  Seriously, I have to exercise so much self control when I go into book stores.  Otherwise, I would spend a fortune every time.

set of 4 virtue books

5. Bathroom Progress

It looks ugly, but demo always does!  DIYing our downstairs bathroom will be long and hard, but I’m so excited to finally be ripping into things.  That vanity has actually already been ripped out.  Next I plan to tackle the rest of the wallpaper, take out that tub, rip up the floor… and a million other things, but we will get there!

bathroom in the middle of remodel

second view of the bathroom

Rachel G

Friday 21st of February 2014

We were just doing some remodeling in our bathroom, too, though not nearly as major as your project!


Friday 21st of February 2014

Have you finished yours yet? I'm looking forward to that feeling of accomplishment, but that will be a ways off as this is a complete gut job. I am excited though to have taken the first step!


Friday 21st of February 2014

Visiting from the link up. Those books looks really nice! I'll have to try to find those.


Friday 21st of February 2014

They are nice! The pages are kind of thick like board books. Thanks for stopping by!

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